Woman Gets Period Early On Remote Hike And Is Astonished When Guy Friend Asks ‘Pads Or Tampons’

If there’s one thing that all women have in common, it’s the fact that we hate when we get our periods.

In a perfect world, we would know exactly when our periods were about to happen, and there would be no guesswork involved. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why you and many women suffer from irregular periods.

In other words, no one is immune to an untimely surprise period. Wedding days, camping trips, sporting events, and dates are some of a surprise period’s favorite things.

The main problem with surprise periods is a lack of preparedness. It’s almost like your ovaries just know to act up exactly when feminine products are at their least accessible.

One reddit user’s worst period nightmare came true when she was the only woman on a hiking trip with three male friends and zero tampons.

Luckily, “Dave the Period Fairy” was there to save the day.

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / divinedime11

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