Her Students Called Her ‘The Hottest Teacher Ever’

As a teenager all you wanted was to obey your parents, make your bed and ace your exams. Yeah right! All we wanted to tune out our teachers, ace our homework without actually doing the work, see our hot teachers naked, and occasionally drink a beer without getting caught. Well for one kid, he got to cross check one of these off his bucket list when his hot, dirty professor accidentally sent him nude pics. When she found out who she’d sexted, she find a way to make it work. Needless to say, it was a win-win situation.

I’m Hot For Teacher

An anonymous college student, probably one of the luckiest ones we’ve read about, got a little more than he bargained for when a total stranger sent him unexpected texts.

Smoking Hot Classes

When he opened those texts, he was shocked to find a beautiful sexy woman that seemed a tad familiar. It was none other than this anonymous guy’s professor. If you’re wondering why a student had his teacher’s phone contact, there’s a reason for that. At the beginning of the semester she had kindly offered to answer any questions with her students and shared her number with them.

That Phone Is On Fire

The first message showed a less-than-conservative shot of the same woman that’s used to holding the class together and forcing every student to take a sit and pay attention to her. Now one of her students is clearly fine with paying major attention!

A Lot To See

She was eager to see him that night, but she wasn’t talking about her student. You see, this anonymous student and the professor’s boyfriend share the same name. What a wonderful coincidence for the kid who ended up with his very own peep show.

Delete All Evidence

This professor did not want to wind up in the news, along with the many, many other teachers that get convicted over exposing themselves to their students. So she came up with a plan. How could anyone say no?


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